Vivian Helena  Artist,Quilter


Tropical Breeze

27.5" W x 17" L with Ribbons 36"
Mixed Media Fiber Art, Fussy Cut Applique, buttons, ribbons, beads, hand dyed and commercial fabrics.
Free Motion machine quilting.

Floral Kite 3 streamers

17" W x 8" L with Ribbons 29"
Hand dyed fabrics, and commercial fabrics, silk flowers, beading and crystals.
Free motion machine quilting.
Ties That Bind

23.5" W x 27.5" L with Ribbons 59.5"
Silk, Men’s Silk ties, batiks, hand dyed fabric, and commercial fabrics. Buttons, lace, beading, pearls,  tatting, yarns, ribbons, and ephemera. Decorative machine quilting and hand stitching.

Rose Kite

23.5" W x 27" L with Ribbons 52"
Hand dyed fabrics, hand Painted rose, beads, yarns.  Ribbons. Applique and machine free motion stitching.

Pacific Beach
27.5" W x 27.5" L
Artist hand dyed fabrics, commercial and upholstery fabrics. Netting, pieced, applique’, fussy cut. Beading. Machine quilting.
Point Bonita Headlands

19.75"  W x 18" L
Hand paint with fabric paints, and machine quilting, whole cloth.

Golden Hills


13.5" W x 14.5" L
Commercial drapery, cheese cloth, artist hand dyed fabrics, machine quilting, beading.

Brilliant Sky

30" W x 23.5" L
Hand dyed, commercial and upholstery fabrics. Beads. Hand dyed threads.
Hand and machine quilting.

Birds of Many Colors


11.5" W x 13.5" L
Commercial fabrics, machine and hand quilting, beads, buttons and embroidery threads.
Flight at Sunset

21" W x 79" L
Hand dyed whole cloth and commercial fabric. Machine quilted.