Vivian Helena  Artist,Quilter


Invitational Shows:


    Flying High Exhibition, Delrey Beach Florida Cornell Museum 5/16- 9/29 2013
    Yosemite Western Art Show, First Place Mixed Media Award


    California Cityscapes Show, Alliance of California Arts, Ribboned
    Juried into, Best of the Valley Quilt Show
    Juried into, Yosemite Western Artists Exhibition - Ribboned
    Exhibited  in Sierra Art Trails at the Coarsegold Historical Museum
    Participated in the SAQA Auction
    Juried into Celebrate Agriculture with the Arts
    Juried into Pathways, special art exhibit


    Showed at Cinema Place Gallery – 2 pieces juried in Quiltessential Event
    Participant in Prayer Flag Project
    Sierra Art Trails Sponsored – Juried Show “Our Wild Lands” – 2 pieces
    Best of the Valley Juried Quilt Show
    Tri-County YWA - Juried Show


    Fiber Magic
    Encore Fiber Magic
    Tropical Breeze


    Participated in International Fiber Collaborative Tree Project
    Madera Wine Trails
    Coarsegold historic Museum Show
    Featured Artist with Dharma Trading Company
    National Quilt Asso- Serenity Quilt
    Featured Artist with Blueprints on Fabric


    Invited to exhibit at Calif. University of Fresno
    Coarsegold historic Museum Show


    Participant in Fiber Art for a Cause, a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society., Spearheaded by fiber artist Virginia Spiegel.


    Tri County Art Show - ribboned with Flight at Sunset-quilt
    Women in Harmony - 3 Women Invitational Exhibition  Lura Schwarz Smith and Julie Mitchell  @ Arts Visalia, Calif.


    Blue ribbon , When I wish Upon a Star, Sierra Mountain Quilter Asso.